Bangladesh Broadband Internet Service Providers

Leading Name in The Bangladesh Broadband Internet Service Providers

Since 2001, we have been the leading name in the Bangladesh broadband internet service providers community. For 22 years, we have been pursuing our goal towards a better and optimized internet service provider all around Bangladesh. In this process, we have already gained a lot of trust and love from many people in Dhaka. Now, we are setting up outside of Dhaka to give the whole country a refined taste of real internet and speed.

Our Vision

SInce the beginning, our vision has been to be the best internet service provider in Bangladesh. Our team is working day and night, hard and soul to reach that vision.

Our Mission

After providing service in only Dhaka city, we are now setting our goal towards other districts. We have set up our base at Chittagong and are working there. Soon, our mission is to connect all other districts within a short period of time.